Find Nick


Meet Nick. Our friend, family member, and all around great guy.

Nick is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana where he went to high school and graduated in 2003. While Nick’s father passed away a few years ago, his mother, sister, and nephew still live in the Indianapolis area and love when Nick comes home to visit.

Nick moved to Villa Rica, GA near Atlanta in October of 2010 after receiving a promotion with Fastenal. His work ethic and friendly personality have allowed him to excel in his career. Nick’s impact on the organization is evident with the outpouring of support from the Fastenal team.

Nick’s girlfriend, Jenny, moved down to Atlanta two years ago to support Nick in pursuing his career with Fastenal. She and Nick purchased a dream home in the Villa Rica area. They live with their rescued dog Theo, the most energetic dog you’ve ever met.

Nick is a huge Colts fan, and loves Motorsports and four wheeling. Nick and Jenny make a yearly trek to the Indianapolis 500 to see family and friends, and enjoy the race.

We want you to know all of that about Nick.

But perhaps even more, we want you to know that Nick’s the type of guy who would drop anything to help someone in need. He’s the guy that shows up to help when you’re moving. He’s the guy that helps a friend, neighbor, or stranger – in the same way. He’s the guy that quietly does the right thing … because it’s the right thing. He’s hard working, honest, and quite simply one of the good guys.

And in a world where good guys are getting harder to find – Please – Help us find ours.